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If you are a new color client and wish to book a color service with Celia Do My Hair, please fill out this color inquiry form before you attend your appointment. Please note that filling out the form does not guarantee you an appointment, it is a consultation of sorts.

If you would like to book an appointment, in addition to filling out the color inquiry form, please book online using the "booking" tab. If you would like a further consultation, please email

Color Inquiry Form
Chemicals Used In The Past Year:
Current Hair Concerns:

Please be advised of the following points as you consider your hair color options:


  • When receiving any lightening service, your stylist is only capable of lightening your hair as pale and light as your hair will allow. Your stylist cannot and will not put the health of your hair at risk by pushing the limitations of your hair’s ability to lighten. That being said, multiple appointments might be required to achieve the color you desire. Blonding is a marathon, not a sprint!

  • You cannot maintain high end color with cheap products! Using shampoo you can find in a drugstore will fade and strip color out of your hair considerably. The color you receive is only guaranteed if you are using professional products. Your stylist will be happy to recommend such products to you at the time of your service. 

  • Do not attempt to do any sort of toners at home. Months after a blonding service, it is typical for hair to adopt unwanted tones such as yellow or orange from minerals in your water or any array of environmental factors. When this happens, it is advised to use purple shampoo diligently, or return to your stylist for a toner, which is a quick and easy appointment. If you attempt to tone your hair at home, the results could be detrimental to your hair, at which point your next appointment at the salon will be a costly color correction. 

  • While fashion colors such as pink, purple and blue are incredibly fun, they are very high maintenance. To maintain these colors, you need to take measures to keep them from fading, such as using special color protecting products, color depositing conditioners, using cool water to wash, and staying out of sun and chlorine. You may also need to limit the amount of times you wash your hair, as they fade a small amount with each wash. These colors must also be applied more often than others, as they are semi-permanent. If you don’t think you can follow this regiment, your stylist will help you find an alternative solution. 

  • Hair can be unpredictable. How your hair lifts or takes color depends on your existing hair color, texture, underlying pigments, and chemical history. Your stylist will make you aware of any additional steps you may need to take to achieve your hair goals throughout your appointment.  

By signing this agreement I acknowledge that I am aware that the results can vary from person to person, depending on hair color, texture, underlying pigments, and pre-existing chemicals that will become present during the lightening process. If any concerns come about within the FIRST WEEK of my service I will call Celia Do My Hair, and they will be responsible for resolving the issue promptly, while being fully aware of my hair’s chemical boundaries. If I do not notify my stylist of any concerns within the first week, I understand that I will be paying for my next appointment in full, regardless.

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